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    Hertz H8 DSP is capable of interfacing with any analog and/or digital source, transforming ordinary “audio” into a high-performance integrated system. The simple and intuitive computer software ensures a wide array of adjustments to improve the acoustic response of a complex environment like the car compartment.

    Developed according to specific ergonomics criteria required by the Car Audio industry, the PC software facilitates direct access to all the available functions for the signal treatment, providing immediate results, as well as extreme operational accuracy. Setting the parameters of each input single channel, adjusting the delays according to the listening position, tuning the crossovers and equalizers for each output channel; these are just some of the operations that can be managed by the PC software based on Windows platform (XP, Vista, 7,8, 10) to be used in Standard or Expert mode. 

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    Hertz PC software

    Hertz PC software

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    Data table

    Size mm (in.) 250 (10)
    Power Handling - Peak W 500
    Power Handling - Continuous W 250
    Impedance 4
    Sensitivity dB SPL 88
    Voice coil Ø mm (in.) 50 (2)
    Xmax mm 13.5
    X-mech mm (in.) ±19 (0.75)
    Re 4.5
    Fs Hz 41
    Vas l 37
    Qts 0.71
    Qes 0.76
    Qms 11
    Spl dB 88


    1. Engineered and tested for the real environment of application (UV, salt-fog, vibrations, water spray, thermal shock, dust ).
    2. Long-throw 50mm (2”) voice coil woofer engineered for infinite baffle application featuring polypropylene cone injected with UV inhibitors and comolded Santoprene surround.
    3. Progressive-design aramid fiber spider with silicone-insulated lead wires ensuring durability and constant performance over time.
    4. FEM optimized high-excursion mobile equipment driven by a massive magnetic group encapsulated into a marine-grade polymer injected basket.
    5. Gold-plated corrosion resistant brass connection terminals with silicone cap protecting leadwire junction point.




      The protection grade IP65 for speakers define all the Hertz Marine products as totally protected against water jets of different entities, making them highly performant in the marine environment.

      According to the severe ASTM-D4329 standards for UV resistance, all the materials used for Hertz Marine products are designed to face long time exposition to UV radiations while cruising on the open sea.

      To satisfy the standards required by ASTM-B117, Hertz Marine products are tested with massive salt fog spray to ensure a complete resistance to corrosion, typical of this atmospheric agent.

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